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Backhoe and Excavating Since 1994.

Ohlsen Right of Way and Maintenance began as a partnership in 1994, as Ohlsen Backhoe and Excavating. Brothers Brett and Chadd Ohlsen teamed up to provide right-of-way and underground installation operations for customers in and around Seneca, Kansas. In 2011, Ohlsen Right of Way and Maintenance became incorporated, and started expanding services into North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, and greater Kansas.

In the past decade, we’ve been proud to work on pipeline installation services for Platte, Rockies Express, and Keystone, helping grow pipelines to their intended destinations. We offer total site preparation services, including installation of underground utilities, final right of way restoration (or ROW), and more.

Over the years, our staff has furthered their knowledge and experience beyond that of just construction, through advanced learning, volunteer work, and community services. It is because of these personal experiences that we continue to re-evaluate and advance our safety practices, creating a safer work environment.

Who We Are.

We are a team of safety-oriented professionals, working as a team to provide timely and high-quality services for our customer base.

Brett Ohlsen

Phone: (758) 336-2811
Cell: (785) 336-7101
E-mail: ohlsen_row_brett@yahoo.com

Chadd Ohlsen

Safety Manager
Cell: (785) 336-1363
E-mail: co_orow@yahoo.com

Robert Ohlsen

Site Foreman
Cell: (785) 294-0607
E-mail: ohlsen_row_robert@yahoo.com

Sharri Musgrove

Office Manager
Phone: 785-336-6112
E-mail: ohlsen_row_sharri@yahoo.com


Need a professional consultation?

We dig great projects. Give us a call today!

Need a professional consultation?

We dig great projects. Give us a call today!