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Specialized Construction.

Call on Ohlsen’s Right-of-Way in Seneca, Kansas for all of your specialized construction needs. We stay up-to-date on all of the latest industry news, including techniques that will help make your structures stronger, safer, and more affordable. This is just one of the reasons you can call on Ohlsens for each of your construction needs.

Specialized Construction Services:

We are well-versed in construction methods across the board, meaning you can make one call and have all of your construction needs met with one trustworthy company. We also embody many specialized services that can lower project time, increase area efficiency, and improve the overall function of your construction zone.

Take a look at our specialized construction services below, including:

Leave your structure standing for the long haul with certified retention walls. Retention walls serve many purposes, including holding back dirt or rocks and keeping them away from your landscaping or structure. They can also help funnel rains and keep your building standing longer, stronger. Whether you need a retention wall for structural purposes or want to add some appeal to your landscaping, give us a call with your retention wall needs.

We get it, it’s not all fun and games. Someone has to take down the old structure and/or clean up after the process. We’ve got you covered. When you need something torn down, or maybe you just need to clean up after the fact, give Ohlsen’s a call. We can clean up and haul items on your behalf, no matter the size of the project at hand. We’re certified in construction clean up and debris removal. Let us do the dirty work and make your space ready for use, whether you’re rebuilding, or just removing an old structure.

Is your water breaker in need of some repairs? Or do you need one installed to your structure or property? Call Ohlsen’s to get the job done right the first time around. We can handle all of your water breaker needs, whether we’re fixing an existing model or putting a new one into place. Or, if you’re unsure if your property could benefit from a water breaker, we’re happy to discuss the perks to adding one to your project. Don’t hesitate to call in order to learn more about these growing property benefits. 

Grow grass faster and more effectively with hydro seeding. Prevent ground erosion, and avoid the hassle of planting yourself … or the cost of sod. Hydro seeding is a quicker, more efficient way to introduce grass seeds onto your property. Don’t wait for old fashioned methods to take hold. Ask us about our hydro seeding process and see how quickly you can add green to your land.

Ohlsen’s Right-of-Way Construction is home to many specialized services that can add value and peace of mind to your upcoming construction needs. Give us a call to learn more about our services today. We’re ready to take your call.

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We dig great projects. Give us a call today!

Need a professional consultation?

We dig great projects. Give us a call today!