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General Site Work.

At Ohlsen Right-of-Way, we offer general site work to help provide the services you need. Take a look at our extensive offerings below. Our team of highly trained professionals is here to make sure your job is done right, and in a timely manner. Don’t fret about the logistics. Give Ohlsens a call and rest assured that you’re in good hands.

General Site-Work Services:

At Ohlsen’s Right-of-Way, we offer these general site services from our full trained and certified team. Don’t stress about who to call, let us handle the basics and get your services handled right the first time around. Including site grading, building pad construction, mowing, site drainage, and concrete work in Seneca, Kansas and beyond.

We’re here to handle all of your general services needs.

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Are you planning an upcoming build? Just looking for level ground to enjoy your outdoor space? We can help provide the smooth and flat surface you need for any number of projects. Contact us for all of your site grading needs. We will level the ground in question, remove large rocks or unwanted dirt, and ensure the area is ready for construction.

When building or adding utilities underground, we know the stress that can be involved in planning the logistics. Don’t worry about the details — let us handle it instead. We can plan and implement your underground utilities to accommodate any number of needs, from laying new cords or pipes, to updating services, and more.

Don’t be the victim of bad drainage systems. Upgrade your current setup, or add a drainage system to your new build to keep water way from your structure or land. It’s never a pleasant surprise to find out your draining system (or lack thereof) isn’t working like it should. Give yourself peace of mind and keep water flowing where it needs to go.

We’ve got your concrete needs covered across the board. From new builds, to patios, to fixing current structures, we’re highly trained and certified to handle your concrete needs. Ask us about your options, or come to us with a project and we’ll help you plan the logistics. Enjoy your new space or upgrade existing infrastructure with additions to your concrete structures.

Are you ready to build something new? Let us help get you started with a sturdy and ready-to-build surface. We’ll set the framework for your entire project, whether you’re having it hired out, or opting to do the work yourself. Let us help get you started to start the entire project off with a positive front.

Don’t stress over keeping the grass cut down, enlist our team to do it instead. We’ve got the right equipment to cut grass, including areas that are hard to reach, in no time. Call on our team for mowing services, whether regularly scheduled, or as a one-time gig.

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We dig great projects. Give us a call today!

Need a professional consultation?

We dig great projects. Give us a call today!