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Environmental Construction.

Did you know? Planning for the environment with your construction project can add function and longevity to your structure and its surrounding land. By planning for the effects of Mother Nature before they hit, you can thwart off natural disasters from taking place, such as flooding or lands that move and cause structural damages. Environmental construction services can also improve the function of land and create a more valuable space for your work and recreational uses. 

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Environmental Construction Services:

Environmental construction is a step that can keep you from scrambling years down the line. Whether after a particularly bad storm, or years of wear and tear, you want to ensure your land will stand up to the effects of extreme weather. With these environmental construction services, you can do just that.

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Keep dirt where you want (and need it) to be, and better yet, keep it from eroding over time. Erosion is a natural process that takes place with rainfall and wear and tear. However, you don’t want it to affect the integrity of your structure. Enlist Ohlsen’s for help in determining your erosion control needs. We can help whether you’re building a new structure or are updating an existing one.

Any type of land can develop imperfections over time. Manmade and natural processes alike can cause issues in retaining waters, waterflow, and drainage systems. If you’re noting errors in your wetland areas or want to improve the function of the area, give us a call. We’re happy to provide any consultation needs in considering wetland repairs.

Help give your land the best environment possible by implementing smart land practices, such as field tile terraces. Help keep soil where you want it and avoid erosion with the addition of terraces in your farmland or property. We can help create a smart plan based on logistics of the area; give us a call to learn more.

Another terrace option is that of gradient. Gradient terraces are another way to improve the functionality of your land, while avoiding flooding or erosion with heavy winds or rains. (All common events in Kansas and Midwestern weather.) Consider the addition of these smart terraces to add value to your outdoor space.

Don’t let a broken water bank cause additional damages. Repair your crick (creek — whatever your preferred way to pronounce!) bank to keep water in place. Avoid floods, leaks, or the onset of additional damages by repairing the issue at hand. At Ohlsen’s we can evaluate and repair damaged bank areas and stop problems in their tracks. It’s also important not to overlook a problem that doesn’t look too severe, as broken sections can deteriorate quickly and without warning. Contact us today to learn more.

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Need a professional consultation?

We dig great projects. Give us a call today!