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Pipeline Install Services.

Another branch of Ohlsen’s is our bread and butter — pipeline services. This is where we began, and it’s a service that remains near and dear to our heart. Pipeline install services are a great way to ensure safety and longevity of underground services. That’s also why we pride ourselves in doing it right, the first time around, and creating an environment in which everyone can reside safely above, still benefiting from the resources below.

Pipeline Services:

Ohlsen’s Right-of-Way and Maintenance is a full-service company located in Seneca, Kansas and serving the surrounding areas. We’re fully trained and certified to take on your right-of-way and pipeline needs, including hydro excavation, low cover options, pipeline digging and exposure, wind, solar, and final right of way repair and restoration. Let us take the worry out of your project by placing it in knowledgeable hands. We’re ready to serve with your pipeline and right-of-way needs.

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This service is valuable in maintaining integrity with local pipelines. By working closely with land owners and pipeline companies, we implement the best services for keeping these areas maintained, safe, and free from erosion or other natural effects from Mother Nature. Consider us for your Right of Way restoration needs. 

It’s never a good day when a repair is needed. After all, that means you found out after something went wrong. However, with fast and effective repairs and a team that’s trained to handle the job as quickly as possible, we can help minimize the damages at hand. Contact us for any right of way repair needs and gain peace of mind that we’re fixing the problem quickly and as efficiently as possible. Let us make your bad day better.

For any number of reasons, you may need to dig up pipes and make them accessible from the ground. We can help make this process as easy as possible. Our team is highly certified in safety measures. We’ll access your pipeline and uncover the ground so you can gain access straight to the mainline itself. Don’t hesitate, contact us today. 

Different terrain or land instances can call for a variety of needs, including low cover options. Contact us to make this a reality with your pipeline install needs. We can help create a custom plan that allows for a low cover pipeline, including areas that are easily accessible, set above ground, or slightly below the surface so you can best plan for the surrounding elements. Contact Ohlsen’s to learn more about low cover options today.

Make waves with hydro excavation options. With this state-of-the-art technology you can gain access to faster, more efficiently dug sections of land. Avoid the mess and gain extreme precision with hydro excavation options from Ohlsen’s. Contact us today about this cutting-edge technology and how it can meet your excavation needs. 

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We dig great projects. Give us a call today!

Need a professional consultation?

We dig great projects. Give us a call today!